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Rarely do i ever find a magazine i actually read from cover to cover, but EAT ME is definitely one i recommend. Not only is it visually appealing, but the articles and content are interesting and well written. If you are ever struggling for a gift to buy a foodie, their quarterly subscription should do the trick!

Eat Me is a food culture brand. We explore the world of food culture, considering the subject beyond the realm of simple restaurant reviews and recipes. We understand that food co-exists within everything we do in our daily life, and bears close links to music, film, fashion, travel, art and literature.”

A while back for issue 6, the boy’s at EAT ME were kind enough to write a little article/review on The Willow Shoreditch. They have managed to capture and describe The Willow Shoreditch, far better and eloquently than i could have imagined, so a BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU! Click on the link to view the full article on page 13. 


Brides Magazine

Some more fantastic press that we have been getting lately. A big thank you to all at Brides Magazine!

Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries you may have regarding your upcoming wedding. We will gladly give you advice on colours, seasonality, place settings, bouquets and floral arrangements to make your day truly special.

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In Vogue

Its been a while since we last posted and what better way to ring in the new year with some of the amazing press that we’ve been getting. First up is a piece from British Vogue, compiled by Jo Ellison. We’re part of a group of shops that are currently pushing the trend for hybrid retail. As they put it: “Whatever these East London shops want to be, we like it.”

So do we! Cheers Vogue!