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Rarely do i ever find a magazine i actually read from cover to cover, but EAT ME is definitely one i recommend. Not only is it visually appealing, but the articles and content are interesting and well written. If you are ever struggling for a gift to buy a foodie, their quarterly subscription should do the trick!

Eat Me is a food culture brand. We explore the world of food culture, considering the subject beyond the realm of simple restaurant reviews and recipes. We understand that food co-exists within everything we do in our daily life, and bears close links to music, film, fashion, travel, art and literature.”

A while back for issue 6, the boy’s at EAT ME were kind enough to write a little article/review on The Willow Shoreditch. They have managed to capture and describe The Willow Shoreditch, far better and eloquently than i could have imagined, so a BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU! Click on the link to view the full article on page 13. 

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Yum Yum….

.. a few more catering pictures to wet the appetite! 


Lunch Hour

Roasted Aubergine salad with fresh spinach, pommegranate & toasted pine nuts

served with a yoghurt, lemon and saffron dressing

*  *  *

We thought we’d share some of the dishes we have made for some of our clients. The ones posted here were for Team Alexander McQueen, who regularly request lunches from the Willow. As always, emphasis is placed on the freshest ingredients, great flavours, unusual combinations and above all, simplicity. Please feel free to call or drop us an email if you would like us to cater an event or provide luncheon. Don’t forget to give us a day’s notice to plan your unique menu and take into consideration any dietary requirements. All dishes come in recyclable brown cartons and we can also provide dessert and a selection of cakes.

Chorizo, Parma Ham & and Salami Antipasto served with torn basil, a selection of tomatoes,

mozzarella and a balsamic reduction

*  *  *

Spinach and Ricotta tortelli with fresh rocket, courgette, pine nuts and served with a

fresh coriander pesto dressing

*  *  *