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Rarely do i ever find a magazine i actually read from cover to cover, but EAT ME is definitely one i recommend. Not only is it visually appealing, but the articles and content are interesting and well written. If you are ever struggling for a gift to buy a foodie, their quarterly subscription should do the trick!

Eat Me is a food culture brand. We explore the world of food culture, considering the subject beyond the realm of simple restaurant reviews and recipes. We understand that food co-exists within everything we do in our daily life, and bears close links to music, film, fashion, travel, art and literature.”

A while back for issue 6, the boy’s at EAT ME were kind enough to write a little article/review on The Willow Shoreditch. They have managed to capture and describe The Willow Shoreditch, far better and eloquently than i could have imagined, so a BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU! Click on the link to view the full article on page 13.